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Parents make many sacrifices of time, talent and treasure to give the gift of Catholic education to their children. It is each family’s willingness to work on school projects that contribute to the success of our schools and promotes a greater sense of community among our parents. Every BCACS student participates in community service projects at some level. We encourage parents to set a positive example through their service to our schools. An annual commitment of twenty-five hours of volunteer service is essential for each school family. You can download your Volunteer Hours Form.

BCACS Office
Assist with BCACS projects and mailings
  • Annual BCACS Fund Drive – Prepare mailings and help with phone-a-thons
    Contact: Louanne McIntyre (963.4771)
  • BCACS Mailings – Folding letters, stuffing and/or labeling envelopes, folding
    and labeling newsletter
    Contact: Cathy Erskine (963.1131)
  • SCRIP Office – Processing orders and general office support
    Contact: Joy Finnila (963.3034)

Building/Grounds Maintenance

Assist our maintenance department with school and grounds upkeep

  • Christmas Classroom cleaning – Light housekeeping of classrooms during Christmas break
  • Grounds, lawn work, Walsh Field – Assist w/upkeep of landscaping and grounds
  • Painters – Projects inside and outside of schools
  • Summer Classroom cleaning – Light housekeeping of classrooms during the summer.
    Contact: St. Joseph Elementary School – (965.7749)
    Contact: St. Philip High School – (963.4503)

Catholic Athletic Association

Assist with events and sporting events

  • Admission Gate Attendants – Sell tickets at the gate for football/basketball/volleyball games
  • Big Red Golf Outing – Planning event and dinner, recruiting tee and green sponsors, selling foursomes
  • CAA Season Tickets Mailing – Prepare season ticket applications and stuff envelopes
  • Coaching – Coach or assist with a variety of sports at the elementary level
  • Concessions – Prepare and sell concessions at sporting events
  • Drawdown (Casino night held in February) – Planning, setup and cleanup of event, sell advance tickets and card runners contact: St. Philip Catholic Central High School – Vicky Groat (963.4503)

Spirit Shop

  • Sell merchandise at BCACS events –
    Contact: BCACS Office – Joy Finnila (963.3034)

Parent Organizations

  • BCACS Moms’ Clubs – You are invited to join the Mom's club!
Other Major Events and Programs in need of parent volunteers:
  • Alumni Club – Promote alumni relations with the school through activities such as class reunions, Homecoming weekend and other social events and publish a semi-annual alumni newsletter Contact: Amy Bauman (968.1193) or Mary Rabbitt (963.4503)
  • Superfest (September) – Wide variety of jobs ranging from setup, manning booths and cleanup Contact: Ed Bauman (962.1328)
School Aides – Assist office and teaching staff with projects and daily activities*
  • Classroom Aide/Tutoring – Assist teachers with daily student activities
    Contact: The homeroom teacher or the principal
  • Library Aide – Shelf books and assist students in library
    Contact: St. Joseph Elementary School – Ann Kamm (965.7749)
  • Lunchroom Assistant/Server – Help serve meals and wash tables
    Contact: St. Joseph Elementary School –  (965.6376)
    Contact: St. Philip Catholic Central High School – (963.4503)
  • Office Aide/Data Entry – Enter school data, answer phone, deliver messages, and make copies
    Contact:  St. Joseph Elementary School – Jeanine Winkler (965.7749)
    Contact:  St. Joseph Middle School – (963.4935)
  • Destination Imagination Leaders – Coach children to solve problems and present to group
    Contact:  St. Joseph Elementary School – (965.7749)
*Parents and volunteers within the school must complete “Protecting God’s Children” session prior
  to actively volunteering in the school. For more information visit the Diocese of Kalamazoo website.