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  Mrs. McGrath and Class

"Catholic care and education started for my family at the Early Childhood center and continued through preschool, elementary, and now into middle and high school. After preschool, there was never really a decision to be made. Our children have flourished academically and socially, becoming well-rounded individuals and we truly credit much of their success to Battle Creek Area Catholic Schools. We anticipate the opening of many doors due to their Catholic education."
– Parent Testimonial

"I choose to teach at a Catholic School because of the freedom to bring God’s teachings into the classroom. As a teacher, I feel it is important to teach the whole child and that goes beyond academics into the emotional, spiritual, and social issues that our students are dealing with. We have the enormous benefit of teaching our students the moral values though the church teachings in our every day life in school. We also set up expectations for our students and encourage our students to act as good Christians. Our school family is an important aspect of our Catholic school culture and is supported by Teacher, Parents and the Students."
– Staff Testimonial

  7th Grade Girls at Dance

     Martin reading

"We can learn about God at our school. I like going to church with my friends."
– Student Testimonial

"St. Joseph Middle School is special because no is left out and everyone is accepted."
– Student Testimonial

"Here we strive for our best while we learn to grow in faith. We're surrounded by teachers who truly care for us and peers that make it feel like one large, diverse family. St. Philip is definitely a special place to learn."
– Student Testimonial

  American Legion Award winners 2012

  Football, current and future

“The Battle Creek Area Catholic schools and my faith-based education not only gave
me a solid academic foundation, but also the capacity to care for and relate to others
on personal and professional levels. Having gone to college right after high school and
now graduated, I can say with confidence, my Catholic school background prepared me academically, socially, and spiritually more than I could have expected. St. Philip, in particular, will always hold a special place in my heart because of the family-like,
faith-filled atmosphere it values.”

– Alumni Testimonial