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Service Learning

Students are engaged in Service Learning projects beginning in Preschool and continuing through High School Graduation. These projects benefit and support those in need in our local community, as well as, the global community.

Annually, each class uses the model which was established by Learn and Serve America:

  1. Student voice and choice
  2. Investigation
  3. Identifying community partners
  4. Planning and preparation
  5. Project implementation
  6. Demonstration


St. Philip Catholic Central High School

Students at St. Philip benefit from structured and purposeful community connections that integrate the themes of Catholic social teaching throughout high school. As students move through the grades, they experience service from a local perspective and then from a broader community view.

  • Freshmen focus on the issue of hunger and work in the St. Philip soup kitchen.
  • Sophomores research the impact of poverty and work with the Charitable Union.
  • Juniors broaden their content area and work with Doris Klaussen School with
    physically and mentally handicapped students and their Special Olympics or
    they may choose to work at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital.
  • Seniors focus on 'homelessness' with their connection to the Haven of Rest
    and Life Recovery Program.
Supplementing their hands-on experiences, all students hear from speakers and directors from
the different organizations where they explore and learn more about their particular topic and
service organization.