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  Middle School

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Providing a solid and progressive academic foundation within the context of spirituality, morality and faith formation is the underpinning for all that we do at St. Philip Catholic Central High School.

Our staff is dedicated to the continuous enhancement of our academic programs, meaningful spiritual, worship and community service experiences, varied extra-curricular offerings and, most especially, to developing strong relationships with our students and families. 

The small, intimate culture of St. Philip Catholic Central High School is at the core of what makes the difference to our students. We are a natural “small-learning community” which ensures that staff is connected to and seeks to understand each student. Building upon this internal sense of community, students develop their awareness and responsibility to the needs of the community which surrounds them. Through our Community Service Learning Curriculum and Senior Internship Program, our students are a visible and valuable resource within the greater Battle Creek Community. This culture makes St. Philip Catholic Central High School a unique educational choice.

We continuously challenge ourselves to help our students succeed in high school, become
well-rounded individuals and to be best prepared for their post-secondary education and life
as faith-filled adults.