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Fine Arts

Fine Arts a play key role in developing the brainpower it takes to explore, create or calculate. Continual exposure and instruction in the arts have been found to: 
  • Raise academic scores
  • Teach cooperation and teamwork
  • Grant emotional stability
  • Create self-esteem

Exposure to the arts has proven to be invaluable to our children, our educational system and our humanity. Studies have shown that music, art and drama can teach children many skills that they cannot learn through pencil and paper activities. A fine arts education is essential to a child's mental and emotional development. While many local schools have made significant cuts to their fine arts programs, the Battle Creek Area Catholic Schools have increased their offerings and enhance all programming.

Visual Art
Kindergarten through 12th grade students are taught the fundamentals of art including the basic elements (line, shape, value, texture, color) and principles (balance, rhythm, repetition, harmony, unity, variety…) with which to express themselves creatively. Their joy in creating visual art is another means of singing back to God who first created us. Most of our students also display their art online and/or enter local, regional and national art competitions.

Art Club
Members of the St. Joseph Middle School and St. Philip Catholic Central High School Art Clubs have extra opportunities to express their creativity, especially through acts of service to others. Whether painting with senior citizens or creating works to donate, art club members wish to make the world a better place. We also support the K–12 Masterpiece of the Month program, providing masterpieces for all three schools.

Battle Creek Area Catholic Schools Band Programs
Experts have concluded that the study of music helps with spatial reasoning, test taking, and overall quality of life! Band allows students to exercise social skills, emotional development, leadership training, group interaction, aesthetic perception, music making, and the discipline of being in a band program. This is why we value and include band instruction for students at St. Joseph Elementary, Middle School and St. Philip Catholic Central High School.

Our pep-band is comprised of band students in grades 8–12. We perform at all home varsity football and boys basketball games. Attendance is required and a graded component of band class. Younger band students are welcome to join us on a voluntary basis. Alumni and other adult musicians, current on an instrument are always welcome to join us!

BCACS Band Boosters  
Boosters is open to all adults who are interested in helping improve the band experience for our BCACS students. Boosters meet in the St. Joseph Band Room on the second Monday of every month at 6:30 pm. Booster projects include providing snacks for band students during special events and field trips, organizing after concert refreshments and assisting the band director with planning special events.

Solo & Ensemble Festival
Band students in grades 7–12 may compete in the Michigan School Band & Orchestra (MSBOA) Solo & Ensemble Festival. Each year, there are different sights for high school and middle school S&E festivals. High school S&E is usually held in January with middle school S&E occurring in mid-April. Students perform solos and/or ensembles (duets, trios, quartets, quintets, etc.) before a judge and receive a rating and comment sheet. Students receiving a I or II receive blue and red medals.

Middle School Choir–Elective
The St. Joseph Middle School Choirs study and sing a variety of music in class. We present three concerts each year: Christmas, Spring and an All-School Performance at the end of our school year. Our choirs are often invited by the community to sing for local nursing homes, Veterans Administration Medical Center and area service clubs. Each choir serves as the Mass Choir for our weekly school Mass.

High School Liturgical Choir
The Liturgical Choir leads the students in song and worship for all school masses. The members of the choir meet weekly after school and work on Liturgical music for student Masses.

St. Philip Catholic Central Marching Tigers
Membership in the STP marching band consists of all students, grades 9 through 12, enrolled in band. 8th grade students may be selected by the band director for participation as needed to fill instrumentation needs. The primary goal of the marching band is to prepare students for participation in marching bands at the collegiate level. In addition, marching band is a vital and exciting component of the school band experience and we are pleased to now offer this opportunity to our St. Philip band students. St. Philip students not enrolled in band may try out for the colorguard (flag line). Colorguard members practice after school a minimum of 2 days per week. Performances will include all St. Philip Varsity Football games played at home (Battle Creek Central's C.W. Post Field), SuperFest and the Battle Creek Holiday Parade. Additional performances may be added during the school year.


Drama is an important part of the academic curriculum because the act of role playing teaches metacognitive skills. Metacognition is essentially the process of "thinking about thinking." When children role play, they assume the character of another person. This causes them to become aware of their thinking process. Children who are metacognitively aware have the ability to strategically analyze the information that they learn in school. This skill helps them to tackle assignments through planning and problem solving, increases capabilities for conflict resolution, social development, community connection, empathy and self-control, as well as an increased understanding of other subjects such as English, math, social studies and physical education.

St. Joseph Elementary Drama Club
Students are involved in various creative drama experiences and the production of a short performance. They explore various means of communication, using their bodies as well as their voices. An emphasis on ensemble work encourages children to become responsible members of a cohesive group. The drama club is open to 4th and 5th graders, by audition.

St. Joseph Middle School Drama–Elective
The Middle School drama program provides a range of creative and performance opportunities for interested students. Participating in drama inspires confidence, poise, articulation and boosts self-confidence. The students become actors, set designers, directors, and producers. Each student is allowed to discover their talents. They then showcase their talents by presenting a play to peers, parents and our community.

St. Philip Catholic Central High School Drama–Elective
Drama at St. Philip is an introduction to improvisational theater, as opposed to dramatic theater.  Its goal is to help students become comfortable in any situation, to let go of inhibitions, and to HAVE FUN. A variety of exercises, games, and 'character quirks' gets students thinking on their feet, learning how to respond, and to 'say yes' to the situation and keep the scene moving. In addition to the improvisational aspect, we also watch a variety of movies over the semester varying in genre, acting styles or performances, or notable features of the movie. The emphasis is two-fold: it exposes students to different professional actors at their craft, and draws them into the myriad ways that the art of drama can touch the human heart.