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The BCACS Foundation appreciates gifts in memory of loved ones, friends and family who have recently passed away. When the BCACS Foundation receives such gifts, a letter is sent to family members notifying them of this personal expression of support.

These gifts may be directed to St. Joseph School or St. Philip School, one of our endowment funds or may be designated—by the family—for a specific need. We are profoundly grateful for the families of Edna Chamberlain, Jane Gardner and James Nofs who requested that memorial gifts in their loved ones' honor support the Catholic schools in Battle Creek.

To make a contribution in their memory either click Network for Good or send your gift in care of the BCACS Foundation to 63 North 24th Street, Battle Creek, MI 49015.

Gifts In Memory 2013

Join us in extending our deepest sympathy and prayers to the family and friends of:

Ruth Abbey
Carrie Adams
James Atchley
Rudy Bartholomew, Class of 1946
Paul Bauman
Emelia (Martinovich) Blazekovic, Class of 1932
Margaret Brooks
Ruth Creager
Pauline Daniel
Cathie Di Maria
Rose and Sam Di Maria
Chuck Emerick
Stan Fleece
Dick Hardy
Sister Electa Herringer
John Hogan
Tim Howard, Class of 1971
Veronica Howard
Lloyd Larner

Norman Lawrence
Margaret Levitt
Aldo Maddalena
W. Fred Mangan, Class of 1944
Sara Montag
Richard Moore
James Nofs
Louis O’Daniel
Judy Parker
Mary Jo Petroshus
Jackie Redmond
Marjorie (Lindstrim) Reichel
Nancy Rybka
Sister Therese Mary Rudell
Alvin Schmitzer
Kathleen Smith
Gloria Steinbrunner
Elizabeth “Betty” Tobin
Santo Zanetti, Class of 1942

Gifts In Honor 2013

The BCACS Foundation welcomes gifts in honor of loved ones, family and friends. Your gift provides a special recognition for a family member, friend or colleague for his or her birthday, wedding, anniversary, accomplishment or volunteer service. When the BCACS Foundation receives such gifts, a letter is sent to the honoree sharing your thoughtful gift. Join us in extending our congratulations to our recent honorees:

JP Bauman, Class of 1999
Greg Bauman, Class of 2003
Kristin Biggs
Jack Brown
Stacey Crane
Ruth (Heffron) Creager
Bette Gallagher
Genevieve Green
Stephanie Halbert
Laura Hirleman
Anne (Hogan) Jakubowski, Class of 1969
Colleen (Hogan) Schmidt, Class of 1975
John Hogan, Class of 1939
Margaret (Skaggs) Hogan, Class of 1942
Mary (Hogan) Randall, Class of 1970

Susie Hogan, Class of 1971
Veronica Howard
Gloria McNamara
Lindsay Meulman
Laurie Murphy
Katie Reed
Sister Therese M. Rudell
Tim Smith
Rick Steele
Gail Suess-Brandow
Ben Tanoff
Robekah Warner
Sue Wood

Click on a tab below to view archived recipients.

Gifts In Memory 2012
Carrie Adams
Patty Bartholomew
Janet Blodgett
Jerry Borsum
Angela Marie Bruns
Marilyn Carattini
Edna Chamberlain
Marianne Davis
Kathryn Galen
Jane Gardner
Angus Gillis
Dorothy (Mrozovich) Head
Veronica Howard
Rolfe and Viola Jenkins
Tim Kelly
Ruth Kewley
Eugene Lahusky
Dr. Robert Leitch
Jim Lonergan
Mike Marinch
James Bernard Nofs
Louis O’Daniel
Joan Burgie Baker Parker
Jack Pearl
Katherine (Keagle) Reed
Marie (Conroy) Standish
Lottie Steinbacher
Christine Gaye Ughetti
Julie Wyckoff

Gifts In Honor 2012
Chuck Adams
Bill Adams, Class of 1964
Bob Adams, Class of 1958
Skip Adams, Class of 1955
Greg Bauman, Class of 2003
JP Bauman, Class of 1999
John B. Hogan
Sister Therese M. Rudell
Ben Tanoff, Class of 2010

Gifts In Memory 2011
Carrie Adams
Charles Anderson
Helen Atchley
Rudy Bartholomew
Elizabeth Beckley
Betty Behnke
Mac Behnke
Edward Behrndt
Catherine Blankenburg
Scott G. Calhoun
Agnes Cull
Deceased Members of the
St. Philip Class of 1974:
    David Abbey
    Patrice Brady
    Larry Johnson
    Mike Muma
    Karan (Vaughan) Simon
    Mark Tuttle
    Carol (Wathen) Myers
    Mike Wilcox
Kenneth W. DeLoof
Barbara DeYoung
Mary Lou Dowdle

Lacy Faber
Frank Guidice
Eileen Jenning-Lacey
Donna Karaba
Sara (McGuire) Korsak
Eurita Maria Krohling
Carolye Lafrinere
Bud Lawrence
William F. Mangan
Patrick Marriott
Bill and Ruth McVeigh
James K. and Rosemary Melluish
Gertrude Odette
Edward Oshaben
Jean Ostermann
Joan (Burgie Baker) Parker
Alvin Schmitzer
Norman and Maxine Schmitzer
David Sheehan
Robert Thompson Sr.
Mark Tuttle (honoring the anniversary
   of his birth, April 2, 1956)
Aaron Vink
Kattie Mae Williams
Julie A.Wyckoff

Gifts In Honor 2011
Bob and Sandi Adams
Gregory Bauman
J.P. Bauman
Michael Bauman
Allyson Doyle
Cas Dzwik
Mary Faber in honor of her birthday
Very Reverend John D. Fleckenstein, V.E
Ben Tanoff
St. Philip Boys Varsity Basketball Seniors

Gifts In Memory 2010
Ruth Abbey
Carrie Adams
Jean (McVeigh) Adams
Nellie Andrews
Luther Bilson
Frances Bonfiglio
Michael Brandt
Stella Burrill
Robert Crane
Josephine "Jo" Drozdowski
Borgia Felsing
Ruth Garland
Ted Hejka
Andy Hocking
Joseph and Roselyn Jones
Andrew Jones
Bud Lawrence
Jude Lonergan
Frank MacIntosh
W. Fred Mangan
Josephine Matyasic
Ruth McVeigh
Eileen Neault
Opal Newman
Mark Nicolai
James O'Brien

Richard Otis
Joan (Burgie) Parker
Jane Prevost
Frank Price
Frank Quartermaine
Karan (Vaughan) Simon
Michael Smith
Gloria (Buckley) Steinbrunner
Dennis Sweeney
Rita Swonk
Jack Willbur
Dorothy Wolney
Ceselda Marie Zande
Andrew Zanetti
Jim Zull
Members of the Class of 1974 —
"You will all be loved and remembered":
   David Abbey
   Patrice Brady
   Larry Johnson
   Mike Muma
   Karan (Vaughan) Simon
   Mark Tuttle
   Carol (Wathen) Myers
   Mike Wilcox

Gifts In Honor 2010
The Class of 1978
Congratulating the Class of 2011 Boys Varsity Football Team Members
Congratulating the Class of 2010 Boys Varsity Basketball Team Members
JP Bauman
Sally and John Chadwick
Dianne Jones
Joe Jones
Cathy and Dan Kunitzer

Gifts In Memory 2009
Carrie Adams
James G. Beeson
Mary Alice "Betty" Behnke for In the Spirit of
   Community Capital Campaign
Frances I. Bonfiglio
Larraine Carpentier
Lois Downey
Richard Dykens
Richard Ell
Borgia Felsing
Paul T. Fox
Margaret (Sweet) Gaskell
Berniece (Karas) Griffin
Sophie Haiduk for the Monsignor W.
   Fitzgerald Tuition Assistance Fund
John P. Hyland
Francis Karas
Sara (McGuire) Korsak
Eurita Maria Kroling
Bud Lawrence for the
   Norman F. Lawrence Science Fund
Dr. Paul Levy
Jude Lonergan
Mary Ann MacIntosh for Tuition Assistance
W. Fred Mangan
Josephine Matyasic
Mary Miller
Donald Mouser
Ellen B. Palmer
Pauline Pillars
Jane Prevost
June Rabbitt for In the Spirit of
   Community Capital Campaign
Anna M. (Jereck) Sartor
Dan Simon
Mary Stahl
James B. Sweet
Foster Teachout
Paul E. Thomas
Catherine Tyler
Santo Zanetti

Gifts In Honor 2009
Mary Lou (Dowd) Atha and Joseph Marriott, Class of 1944 — in honor of their marriage
J.P. Bauman, Class of 1999 — as a Christmas Remembrance
Barb (Howard) Gilbert, Class of 1964 and James Gilbert — in honor of
   their 40th Wedding Anniversary
Judy Geiger, First Grade Teacher
Linda Hamel, Fifth Grade Teacher
Laura LaLonde, Fourth Grade Teacher
Maureen (McCauley) Pelter, Class of 1944
Diane Rench, Fifth Grade Teacher
Alvin Schmitzer, Class of 1934 — as a Christmas Remembrance
St. Philip Varsity Football Team — for the Challenge Pledge
St. Philip Class of 1958 — in honor of their 50th Reunion
St. Philip Class of 1959 — in honor of their 50th Reunion
St. Philip Class of 1964— in honor of their 45th Reunion
St. Philip Class of 1975 — for tuition assistance
St. Philip Class of 1979 — in honor of their 30th Reunion
St. Philip Class of 1985 — for the Challenge Pledge
St. Philip Class of 1989 — in honor of their 20th Reunion
Joe Zuk for the Legacy of Excellence Scholarship honoring his retirement

Gifts In Memory 2008
Carrie Adams
Florence Barodicz
Frances Bonfiglio
Jill (Gieske) Bradford
Sallee Boone
Margaret Gaskell
Rose Hufnagel
Helen P. Kupfer
Francis Latshaw
Bud Lawrence
Louis Lussier
Vittoria Manarin
W. Fred Mangan
Livio Martin
William McVeigh
David Morris
James O'Brien
Caroline Penney
Mary (O'Connell) Pruitt
Jill Rutherford
Phillip Rybka
Gerald Schira
David Sheehan
Joann (Bauman) Smith
Reverend Donn Taylor

Gifts In Honor 2007
Margaret Ackert
Carrie Adams
Elizabeth Armstrong
William Bowler
Jill Bradford
Francis Calderone
Patricia Clark
Robert Cull
Roseanne Davis
Ryan Deibel
Adam Drozdowski
Marian Emmerson
Lee Fay
Paul Fox
Gus Groat
Sheila Guerra
Madeline Heffron
Marion Heffron
William Heine
Marion Hickman
Walter Jagner
Phil Johnston
Jim Keagle
Norman Lawrence
Floyd Malovey
James McGarvey
Robert Miller
David Morris
James O'Brien
Reverend Charlie Page
David Petroshus
Genola Reed
David Ringle
Maxine Schmitzer
Norman Schmitzer
Lucile Sebeson
Dorothy Sherwood
Miriam Smith
James Sweet
Charles Tornabene, Jr.
Edward Vaughan
Greta Wilcox

Gifts In Memory 2007
William Bogan
Ruth Creager
Thomas Heffron
Ruth McVeigh
Dr. Richard Prebish


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