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Supporting Catholic Education for our Leaders of Tomorrow

Dear Friends, 

Then he said, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” Amen, I say to you, today you will be with me in paradise.”
– Luke 23:42-43

These words from today’s gospel, remind us of Jesus’ promise of salvation.

Today, more than ever, we need your help to build upon the “In the Spirit of Community” Capital Campaign and ensure a vibrant future for our Battle Creek Catholic parishes and schools. The Catholic parishes in Battle Creek have served our community, Catholic and non-Catholic, for nearly one hundred and fifty years. As a community of Catholic believers, we are responsible to further the work of our faith. Our  stewardship responsibility is to, collectively, live the gospel and bring the message of Christ to everyone through our ministries and programs. 

The “In the Spirit of Community” Capital Campaign was built upon the call to all parishioners to “share in the joy of the gifts that this sacrificial giving makes possible.” We all have something to share which can be expressed through our final will and testament. Together, we can ensure that our Catholic faith inspires future generations of families. 

Prayerful planning by our parishioners, families and alumni plays a pivotal role in sustaining these wonderful gifts—St. Jerome, St. Joseph and St. Philip Parishes, and St. Joseph and St. Philip Schools. Our thoughtful planning pays homage to those whose sacrifices brought our Catholic churches and schools to Battle Creek nearly 150 years ago. 

As we celebrate the Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King, may we all be thankful for His many blessings on our community, our parishes and our families.  

In Christ’s Peace

The Funding Plan

In December 2006, “The Funding Plan” for the In the Spirit of Community Capital Campaign was unveiled. It reflected three initiatives:
  • Fund the facility and site improvements that support our parishes’ mission
    of education; respond to the facilities needs of our parishioners; address
    the outreach priorities of our parishes.
  • Provide the resources to develop and promote bold, innovative and
    progressive educational programs.
  • Ensure the long-term sustainability of our Catholic schools and parishes
    through a planned giving program that will grow our endowment funds.
We remember those who have gone before us and, we ask ourselves, how do I want to be remembered? What can I do to ensure the sustainability of my Catholic parish or schools?

It is a gift when we communicate our final wishes with our loved ones. It not only lightens their burden, but provides insight into your intentions. The very act of creating a will tells your family and loved ones that you care about them and have thought of them. 

You have faithfully supported our Catholic parishes and schools throughout your lives—your bequest expresses your permanent testimonial about what is most important to you. 

A charitable bequest is a provision in either your will or your living trust which provides that a portion of your earthly possessions are to pass to a charitable organization such as your Catholic parish or the BCACS Foundation. Everyone has the capability of making a bequest. Every bequest is a powerful expression of loyalty, commitment, and faith in the future of our Catholic parishes and schools. 

Bequests are popular—you retain control of the assets throughout your lifetime and may amend the beneficiary designation at any time. 

Bequests are flexible—you may choose to leave a specific dollar amount or a percentage of your assets. 

Bequests are easy—make your intentions known to your family and consult with your attorney or legal advisor for proper documentation.

Your thoughtful planning may provide significant tax savings, ensure financial security for your family and allow you to give a transformative gift to your Catholic parish or the BCACS Foundation for Catholic education. 

Let us tell you more about including your Catholic parish or the Battle Creek Area Catholic Schools Foundation in your will. Please contact St. Joseph and St. Jerome Pastor Father Mark Vyverman at 962-0165 or St. Philip’s Pastor Father John Fleckenstein at 968-6645 or Development Director, Louanne McIntyre at the BCACS Foundation at 963-4771.


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