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Planning for our schools’ future depends upon the growth of our permanent endowment funds. Such funds are received from donors with the restriction that the original gift amount is retained, forever. Only the interest earned on the principal is spent, providing a perpetual source of income for today’s students and future generations.

Our endowment funds guarantee that our schools can plan for and operate programs, curriculum and facilities, well into the future. Building our endowment will result from the combination of immediate and long term gift planning. In addition to the endowed scholarship funds, the BCACS Foundation has established endowment funds including:
  • The BCACS Foundation Fund
  • Fine Arts Endowment
  • The Norman F. Lawrence Science Fund
  • The Reverend James O’Leary Spirituality Studies Endowment
Endowment Funds held at the Battle Creek Community Foundation
The BCACS Foundation is proud to be an affiliate of the Battle Creek Community Foundation. Contributions to our funds at the Battle Creek Community Foundation are eligible for the State of Michigan Tax Credit. Funds held by the Battle Creek Community Foundation include:
  • BCACS Foundation Fund
  • Class of 1975 Fund
  • LaMothe Educational Choice Project Fund
  • St. Philip Catholic Central High School Fund
  • St. Philip Middle School Fund
  • St. Joseph Elementary School Fund

Current Endowment Funds

Julie A. Wyckoff Technology Fund

In loving memory, the trustees of the BCACS Foundation proudly announce the establishment of the Julie A. Wyckoff Technology Fund which ensures that our schools remain ten steps ahead — just as Julie taught us. Click here to read a tribute article.

The BCACS Foundation Fund

The BCACS Foundation Endowment Fund was established from funds generated by the First Annual Fund Drive. It continues to grow through individuals’ annual and monthly contributions.

Fine Arts Endowment

The Fine Arts Endowment Fund was established through the generosity of Arnold Clark, an alumnus from St. Philip High School, Class of 1944. Proceeds from this endowment fund will provide annual support for the choir, band and art departments. In addition, this fund supports the BCACS Annual Christmas Program.

The Norman F. Lawrence Science Fund

In memory of Bud Lawrence, Class of 1951, his family established the Norman F. Lawrence Science Fund within the BCACS Foundation. Proceeds from the fund are used to promote and enhance the chemistry, earth science, biology and physics programs at St. Philip Catholic Central High School.
‘We are very grateful for the ongoing support for our science programs made possible
by this fund. We have great students and they deserve our best efforts and equipment.
The Norman F. Lawrence Science Fund ensures continued improvements to our
academic programs.”  
– Earth Science and Biology instructor, Carole Smith

The Reverend James O’Leary Spirituality Studies Endowment

This endowment provides funding for annual youth and adult programming designed to deepen spirituality, to discover interpersonal depth, and to challenge human potential. It recognizes Father O’Leary’s profound impact on the entire Battle Creek community and to continue his challenge for us to reach our full potential. It is, indeed, intended to “send” to us someone who makes us “growthful.”

“Once in a while God sends us his greatest gift…someone better than we are; someone
who shakes us up and gets us going again; someone who takes us a step forward, out of our comfortable ruts, makes us wise; frightens us, challenges us, leads us away from stagnation; someone who makes us ‘growthful.’”                                               
Reverend James O’Leary


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