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Faith & Service

"We are not just educating the students in our Catholic Schools in our diocese; we are forming them in their faith, and helping to shape them into disciples of Christ who will go forth into our community and world to accomplish great things, such as: joining the rallying cry to protect the unborn; responding to the needs to feed the poor, clothing the naked and sheltering the homeless; reaching out to help defend principles of freedom through military service; getting married and raising a family that will continue the practice of the faith; hearing God’s “call” to enter into religious life or to be ordained as a Priest of Jesus Christ; using their excellent academic education to find the cure for cancer or to bring peace to the world. Any one of our Catholic School students can, and God willing, will accomplish great things because of their Catholic School education”.
– The Most Rev. Paul J. Bradley, Bishop


The Atrium

The Atrium at St. Joseph SchoolThe Atrium is a special place at St. Joseph school, where our “littlest learners” discover many facets of our faith. It is specially designed with child-sized furniture including a prayer circle for gathering, a model altar, as well as a variety of materials that encourages their awareness of the Bible, faith and the Mass itself. The Catechesis of the Good Shepard is a specialized program which focuses on the religious formation of our youngest children.

Upon entering the atrium, the children demonstrate a clear sense of reverence, respect, patience and wonder. It is apparent, even at their young ages, that the children understand that this space is truly special.