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The athletic programs in the Battle Creek Area Catholic Schools are a vital part of the total educational program and an integral part of the extracurricular activities. Athletics affirm, promote, and model Catholic values and engage student athletes fully in mind, body and spirit. Through athletic participation, we strive to help our students accomplish the following goals:

  • Participation in athletics offers unique lessons and experiences that prepare students
    for life in the community, workplace, and family. Students will participate in athletics
    with the long-term goals of preparation for a life of faith and service to others.
  • God has bestowed skills, abilities, and talents upon each of us. Students will develop
    known and unknown talents that promote confidence, self-discipline, leadership, and an appreciation of physical activity and healthy lifestyles choices.

The development of well-rounded, faith-centered individuals, as well as the safety and welfare of our student-athletes, is the primary focus of the athletic programs as the Battle Creek Area Catholic Schools. These programs compliment the academic and spiritual focus of the school and strive to assist students in reaching their full potential as witnesses to Christ’s teachings.



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